May 28, 2024

xCharge launches first Juice-enabled EV charger

xCharge has launched the first "Juice enabled" charger at their Austin headquarters, offering effortless EV charging with no apps or cards required. This innovation simplifies the charging process and promotes wider EV adoption. We're excited to support xCharge as they expand this technology across the country.

xCharge launches first Juice-enabled EV charger


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Our Partner, xCharge, Launches First Public 'Juice Enabled' Charger!

We are thrilled to announce that our valued partner, xCharge, has unveiled the world's first publicly available "Juice enabled" charger! Located at their headquarters in Austin, Texas, this innovative charger revolutionizes the EV charging experience by offering automatic, seamless charging with no interaction required.

Gone are the days of downloading apps, swiping cards, or fiddling with charger menus. Juice technology empowers a truly hands-free charging experience. Simply pull up to the xCharge station, park your car, and let Juice take care of the rest.

This groundbreaking development marks a significant leap forward in user convenience and accessibility within the EV charging landscape. We, at Juice, are proud to support xCharge in their continuous drive to push the boundaries of EV charging technology.

Here's what sets the "Juice enabled" charger apart:

  • Effortless charging: No apps, cards, or charger interaction required.
  • Seamless experience: Simply park and let Juice handle the charging process automatically.
  • Enhanced convenience: Simplifies charging and encourages wider EV adoption.

The launch of this "Juice enabled" charger represents a significant step towards a more user-friendly and accessible future for electric vehicle owners. We are excited to see this technology continue to evolve and empower the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Stay tuned for further updates as xCharge expands the availability of "Juice enabled" chargers across the nation!