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Juice Pay enables charge point operators, fleet operators, rental companies and businesses to identify EVs at charging sites, automatically trigger charging sessions with zero interaction required, and (where applicable) trigger a payment, transaction or back-end process from our platform.

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Automated EV charging
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Custom transaction types and triggered processes
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Site insights and alerts (ICEing, queues)
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Public payments from registered Juice users
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What's included in Juice Pay?

Juice Pay is an EV charging automation platform for charge point operators. By implementing computer vision technologies at charging sites, you unlock the most seamless charging experience for customers and users whilst gaining significant operational and commercial benefits, including:

  • Vehicle arrival identification
  • Fully automated start of charging session for registered Juice vehicles
  • Monitoring of charging session and usage
  • Automated payment for user
  • ICEing detection in charging bays
  • Visual analytics, including vehicle and user data
  • Site and queuing alerts
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Web management panel for Juice Pay sites

Pricing is per connector, per month base fee + % transaction fee per successful Juice-enabled charging session and payment